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Lash Extensions
We have a bit of a cult-following with our truly natural-looking lash extensions! We base our design decisions on your unique eye shape, facial features, and the natural length of your eyelashes to create a customized, professionally applied set of extensions that gracefully enhance your appearance in a safe and comfortable application. Not all of us are born with long, dark natural lashes, but thankfully, we're skilled in helping you achieve the look!
We love extensions that beautifully enhance a woman's appearance, yet are gracefully applied in a way that looks natural. Our goal is a soft, feminine look that helps you feel more confident in yourself and your beauty. 

"Her studio is a beautiful and comfortable haven. Larissa is delightful and meticulous. Sometimes when I go for a lash fill I'll just fall asleep. Other times, I enjoy chatting and laughing. Either way, I'm always comfortable and I always leave thrilled with her work!" – Jocelyn H.

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What You Should Know Before Scheduling Lash Extensions

In the beauty industry, you will often receive radically different experiences and results depending on the technician's skill level, experience, and personal style of performing a service. Eyelash Extensions are especially true in this. It is my belief that you need to be extremely meticulous and educated in the process of applying eyelash extensions in order to do safe and beautiful work. Sadly, training is quite minimal when it comes to attaining a certificate as a Lash Technician. More often than not, the work I see from other technicians is very poorly done and can be irritating for the receiver, not to mention unattractive. This is one of those areas where you truly get what you pay for, and going cheap can be more expensive in the long run when you realize you need to have a poorly-applied lash set removed in order to start over with someone who's better skilled and experienced in the art of Eyelash Extensions.

Our Training and Experience with Eyelash Extensions

I received training and certification in 2014 as an Eyelash Extension technician, and received advanced training in a natural Volume technique in 2016 with an award-winning and internationally recognized lash extension technician and educator.


Eyelash Extensions have continuously been one of my most requested services. I continue to keep up to date with the most advanced information, techniques, trends, and supplies in the Lash Extension industry. I am always looking for ways to improve my technique, as well as ongoing testing of supplies used in lash extension application, to give the best results for my clients.


It is my belief that Lash Extensions should never be an obvious distraction on the face resulting from extensions that are way too large/long. I see this all the time. I much prefer the look of a subtle, natural enhancement which leaves people assuming you were born with amazing lashes! 

I use a natural-volume technique with extremely light-weight extensions. This takes a lot more skill to do correctly, and the results last longer, look softer, and gives a natural fullness. It's my personal favorite!

"Her lash extensions are to die for; I am always amazed at her patience and attention to detail." – Gretchen P.

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New Set of Eyelash Extensions

Receive an exceptional lash extension design by a highly skilled and experienced lash technician using lightweight, natural-volume technique. New clients will receive a consultation, following by a full set application and home care guidance. We can accommodate an extra-light, natural, or extra-full look, based on preference and the health of your natural eyelashes.

Natural Set of Lash Extensions (105-mins), $225 

Lash Extension Touch Ups
Returning Client Touch Ups are for our established lash clients. This appointment is to maintain your initial design. We will clean up your existing lash extensions, and add fresh extensions to new lash growth. 
Lash Extension Touch-Up, $110/hour
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