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Organic Integrative Facials
Healthy skin begins within. A truly wholistic facial approach is to consider the whole body when determining a treatment plan; not just the surface. When there's internal stress and imbalance, this often shows up on the surface of your skin as congestion, puffiness, inflammation, and accelerated aging.  At Lara Botanica, we use integrative facial modalities as part of our wholistic (whole body) approach to skincare, in addition to using organic, herbal skincare formulas. We allow your skin to optimally function in a healthy, supportive environment, without the need for toxic and aggressive manipulation. Our facials are deeply relaxing, intuitive and healing, using safe and natural treatments that impact your skin from the inside out. 

"The most relaxing spa treatment I've had. I love the products. Larissa has a wonderful touch." – Shanti D.

"Larissa and her staff are amazing. A true holistic experience. I joked and called it a skin temple but it's the truth. I'm giving it 5+ stars." – Alex J.

Integrative Facial Techniques
Our integrative approach to skincare encompass a wide variety of wholistic modalities, ranging from Facial Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha, and Kansa Therapies. We work with your body's natural intelligence using these wholistic techniques, helping to bring your skin to a state of wellness and radiance. 
Learn more about our use of integrative techniques.
Organic, Herbal Skincare
We supplement our facials with the medicinal qualities of plant-based, organic skincare, developed and formulated with principals in herbalism. I value this product line for their ethical sourcing of high-quality ingredients, working directly with organic, artisan farmers in the USA, their whole-plant formulations, and commitment to using sustainable packaging.
Learn more about why we love using Laurel Skin.

"My experience was so wonderful. Her technique was carefully precise and very relaxing. My skin is sensitive, so I'm very particular when it comes to facials. I bought the product line for myself and my skin looks better than it has in years." – Rachel E.

Face Massage
Integrative Signature Facial
This is 75 minutes of deeply relaxing, nourishing, skin-transformative pampering. We'll focus on melting tension, calming your nervous system, and stimulating your lymphatic system with advanced massage techniques while using deeply nourishing products that use the medicinal qualities of organic whole plants and botanically based actives. I recommend this facial for everyone (even if it’s your first time), whether your concerns are aging gracefully, healing acne or just wanting to maintain healthy skin.  $145
Add on 30 minutes of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Reflexology, or Gua Sha for an additional $60
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
This 45 minute facial treatment focuses on the gentle, precise massage technique based on the Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with focus on your shoulders, neck and face. This treatment assists in clearing stagnation in the lymphatic system beneath your skin, resulting in cleansing, exfoliation, nourishment, and hydration at the cellular level. Deep relaxation is achieved by the gentle, rhythmic massage of MLD, encouraging access to your para-sympathetic nervous system (rest and digest system) for true rejuvenation of the tissues.  $90
Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology
A 45 minute facial treatment using a reflexology tool to gently stimulate multiple reflex points and zones associated with specific areas of your musculoskeletal system and/or internal organ systems. It is an extremely relaxing treatment focused on requesting balance in specific systems of the body.  $90
Facial Gua Sha
A 45 minute facial treatment using Gua Sha tools to relieve tension, perform lymphatic drainage techniques, and provide a "natural facelift" effect.  $90



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