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Organic facials, organic skincare
Wholistic Skin Treatments
Healthy skin begins within. A truly wholistic facial approach is to consider the whole body when determining a treatment plan; not just the skin's surface. When there's internal stress and imbalance, this often shows up as congestion, puffiness, inflammation, and accelerated aging.  

Our integrative approach to skincare utilizes a selection of wholistic modalities ranging from Facial Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, along with organic, herbal skincare formulas curated by Laurel Skin. 

We allow your skin to optimally function in a healthy, supportive environment, without the need for toxic and aggressive manipulation. Our facials are deeply relaxing, intuitive and healing, using safe and natural treatments that impact your skin from the inside out. 

"The most relaxing spa treatment I've had. I love the products. Larissa has a wonderful touch." – Shanti D.

"A true holistic experience. I joked and called it a skin temple but it's the truth. I'm giving it 5+ stars." – Alex J.

Organic Integrative Facials
Our Integrative Facials create an extended ritual experience with the advanced wholistic modalities of facial reflexology and lymphatic drainage.
Facial Reflexology Reset
This treatment is ideal for most people, whether you desire to treat a skin condition and/or to encourage a nervous system reset for profound relaxation and ease.

With a history in Vietnam, Facial Reflexology is guided by the use of specific points or zones on the face, which are gently stimulated to encourage a "conversation" with the nervous system, requesting rebalance for improvement of symptoms you may be experiencing related to your skin and/or other systems within your body. We work with your body's natural intelligence, while our use of Facial Reflexology facilitates this function, easing your body into a parasympathetic state for a deeply relaxing, rejuvenative, and healing experience.  

90-Minute Reflexology Facial  |  $187
The 90-Minute Reflexology facial treatment includes facial reflexology along with a full facial protocol of cleansing, gentle exfoliation, a treatment mask, elixir, serum and balms, customized for your skin type.

60-Minute Reflexology Facial  |  $135

The 60-Minute Reflexology Facial treatment includes facial reflexology along with cleansing, elixir, serum and balms, customized for your skin type.
Lymphatic Fusion Facelift
This treatment is ideal for those wanting to reduce puffiness, clear stagnation and congestion, and bring more vitality to your skin's appearance. 

Lymphatic Drainage uses precise and gentle massage movements to encourage the removal of noxious metabolic waste accumulation beneath the surface of your skin, while also helping to release deep-seeded tension and improve the flow of fresh oxygen and vital nutrients to feed your skin and re-pattern the way it ages. By increasing movement of lymph, the skin is better able to naturally clear deleterious obstructions that lead to acne, rosacea, and puffiness. It invites your skin to develop a fresh, healthy glow that radiates from within. 

90-Minute Lymphatic Facial  |  $187 
The 90-Minute Lymphatic facial treatment includes lymphatic drainage along with a full facial protocol of cleansing, gentle exfoliation, a treatment mask, elixir, serum and balms, customized for your skin type.

60-Minute Lymphatic Facial  |  $135
The 60-Minute Lymphatic facial treatment includes lymphatic drainage along with cleansing, elixir, serum and balms, customized for your skin type.

"That was as relaxed as I've been in a looooooong time! My whole body felt refreshed even into the next day. I felt "weird" but then realized it was just that my stress level was reset to zero! Crazy how facial reflexology works. You are REALLY amazing at what you do! Thanks!" - Adam A.

"My experience was so wonderful. Her technique was carefully precise and very relaxing. My skin is sensitive, so I'm very particular when it comes to facials. I bought the product line for myself and my skin looks better than it has in years." – Rachel E.

Organic Essential Facials
Our Essential Facials are created with symptom-specific botanicals by Laurel Skin to remedy a wide range of imbalances and provide the skin with everything it needs to remain vibrantly healthy, no matter your age or skin type.
Antioxidant Vibrancy Revival Facial
This facial is ideal for most skin types, with a primary focus on reducing stagnation and restoring vibrancy.

Experience the potency and power of phytonutrients in their organic whole plant form. Transform dull, tired, and dehydrated skin to glowing, bright, and healthy skin with the help of herbal superfoods like Nettle Leaf, Cranberry Seed, Jasmine Flower, Frankincense Resin, and Calendula Flowers. Unprocessed raw, whole plants contain every vitamin, mineral, and enzyme imaginable for optimal skin wellness.

Antioxidant Vibrancy Revival Facial  |  $125 
Plant-Assisted Detox Facial
This soothing and clarifying facial is ideal for congestion and acneic skin types with a primary focus on calming irritation, restoring equilibrium, and detoxing on multiple levels.

Clear and decongest skin by reducing inflammation, diversifying the microbiome, and enhancing lymphatic flow. Organic whole plant medicine supports healthy skin functioning without stripping, drying, or wiping out helpful flora colonies. Acne and congestion are in part a result of imbalanced nutrients, microbes, and lipids. This facial restores balance to those aspects of the skin with Chamomile flowers, Passionflower, Turmeric Root, and Lavender buds.

Plant-Assisted Detox Facial  |  $125
Soothe, Strengthen + Hydrate Facial
This facial is ideal for rosacea and sensitive skin, with a primary focus on reducing inflammation, barrier rehabilitation, hydration, and gentle nutrient delivery.

This facial calms and soothes the skin with anti-inflammatory whole plant medicine. It works to restore a healthy lipid barrier and strengthen fragile skin. Hydration is queen on this journey and is thoroughly achieved with Heirloom Rose, Reishi Mushroom, Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Marshmallow Root. Reduce redness, puffiness, stagnation, and irritation of all kinds as your skin is wrapped in a cooling comfort of these healing plants.

Soothe, Strengthen + Hydrate Facial  |  $125 
Sun Goddess Calendula Carotenoid Repair
This facial is ideal for hyperpigmentation, scarring, and sun damage of all stages, with a primary focus on brightening and evening skin tone, reducing inflammation, and strengthening connective tissue.

Whether healing a sunburn or brightening years of hyperpigmentation, this facial is for sun-lovers of all kinds. Vitamin C, flavonoids, and anthocyanins found working synergistically together in whole plants brighten, nourish, repair, and prevent further oxidative damage from occurring. Camu Camu, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, and Calendula deliver beneficial results that can be visibly seen in just one treatment. This treatment is easily customized to treat sunburn or long-term UV damage.

Sun Goddess Calendula Carotenoid Repair  |  $125
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