Our Commitment to Better Practices in the Skincare Industry

We take a truly holistic approach  to skincare, using "deep green" principals as our guiding value in how we treat and care for the skin. This means removing all things artificial, toxic, damaging, and/or unproductive in the facial treatment and home care experience. When the skin is able to function in a healthy, supportive environment, your skin will naturally regenerate at an optimum level, supporting you with an improved complexion.

Holistic Modalities We Use in Our Facial Treatments

We specialize in massage-based organic facials, using holistic, integrative modalities that gently guide the skin to a balanced state of wellness. Our integrative approach to skincare includes the use of Facial Gua Sha and Facial Reflexology, both offering incredible results in a safe and relaxing treatment. Learn more about our use of these techniques here.


We supplement our facials with the medicinal qualities of plant-based organic skincare, developed and formulated with principals in herbalism. There are so many reasons why I absolutely love working with Laurel Whole Plant Organics, from the quality of ingredients to working directly with artisan farmers. Learn more about our favorite product line here.

Integrative Facial Treatments

Facial  Menu & Pricing

New Client Facial  |  $90
Includes: Consultation, Mini-Facial with Intro to Facial Reflexology and Gua Sha, Laurel Skin Product Samples
Facial Reflexology  |  $125
Includes: Facial Reflexology Treatment, 
Home Care Guidance & Support
Facial Gua Sha  |  $125
Includes: Facial Gua Sha Treatment
Home Care Guidance & Support
Simply Organic Facial  |  $110 
Includes: Simply Organic Facial Treatment,
Home Care Guidance & Support

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