Eyebrow Design & Restoration

Natural Eyebrow Design Using the TrueBrow™ System

TrueBrow™ is one of the leading educators on natural eyebrow design and restoration, and was a huge game-changer for me in developing an incredible skill-level in the world of brows. I'm also an artist at heart, so anything involving design and beauty tends to be a great match for me.


Basic-level education in Esthetician or Cosmetology school teaches you the very basics in waxing an eyebrow. With this limited knowledge, it's no wonder so many brow mishaps and unsatisfying experiences occur in our industry. I've been there and have totally made my own mistakes in the start of my career. Learning from those mistakes and making an ongoing commitment to find ways to advance my skills has always been a priority for me. I became an excellent self-taught brow artist with a generous following of clients before immersing myself in the advanced-level trainings of TrueBrow™. And like I said earlier... it was a total game changer for me.


I truly love working on brows. I love seeing the results of even a single brow session. Really good brow work can make a world of difference in improving someone's appearance; and I'm not talking about makeup, tattooing, stenciling or other gimmicks. Being highly skilled in design is key. Having experience is key. With the right education and tools, we can really do wonders for people, and do it naturally.     

Natural Eyebrow Restoration

Some of you may be questioning, "What exactly is Eyebrow Restoration?" It's a process of creating an improved eyebrow design while also restoring hair growth when too much hair had previously been removed, either from an inexperienced or under-educated technician, or from self-removal at home. When I'm working on an eyebrow restoration, I'm curating the ideal design and shape for that individual client's features, while knowing exactly where to leave hairs alone for regrowth. It takes a lot of skill and experience to envision a brow's potential during a restoration phase. My brow work is completely customized based on what suits that person best, and is never done with stencils or the like. I have been amazed many, many times over with what can be achieved. Even if you believe your brow hairs won't grow back, oftentimes it does, and the results are absolutely worth it. 

Brow Menu & Pricing

Eyebrow Design
Our natural eyebrow treatments include everything that is needed to bring out the best in your design, transformation, or restoration.
New Client Brow Design
Our New Client Design includes a brow consultation followed by a brow design using our skilled techniques to help you achieve a look that will most beautifully enhance your appearance, as naturally as possible. Eyebrow tinting is included (optional) in our brow services.
Treatment Schedule and Cost:
45-minutes   |   $90
Returning Brow Maintenance
The Brow Maintenance (for our current brow clients only) is a quick cleanup to maintain your existing Brow Design and continue the vision for your brow goals.
Treatment Schedule and Cost:
2 - 3 week Maintenance  |  $55
Monthly Maintenance  |  $65

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