Integrative Treatments for Beauty and Wellness

Experience a ritual that goes beyond the surface. Allow your body's natural wisdom to awaken your radiance.  Explore the healing modalities of our holistic beauty treatments. 

Our  Approach  to  Healthy  Beauty
Holistic Facial Treatments
We believe healthy skin begins within, and is best supported with an integrative approach.
Our facials encompass a variety of holistic modalities ranging from Facial Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha and Connective Tissue Therapies to address internal imbalances that show up as stress, inflammation, and congestion on the surface. Our massage-based approach to skincare is deeply relaxing and effective, allowing us to work with your body's natural intelligence to return to a state of wellness and radiance. 
Natural Eyebrow Design
Eyebrows frame our face and can be an integral part of our appearance. Ideally, eyebrows should enhance the softness of your face while adding an element of graceful confidence to your natural beauty. We love helping you to achieve beautiful brows. We're experienced in all types of brow conditions and shapes, whether you need a professional design or a truly transformational experience in correcting the shape or restoring hair growth. We're here for you! 
Our natural eyebrow treatments include everything that is needed to bring out the best in your design, transformation, or restoration. We use our skilled techniques to help you achieve a look that will most beautifully enhance your appearance, as naturally as possible.
Lash Extensions
We have a bit of a cult-following with our truly natural-looking lash extensions! We base our design decisions on your unique eye shape, facial features, and the natural length of your eyelashes to create a customized, professionally applied set of extensions that gracefully enhance your appearance in a safe and comfortable application. Not all of us are born with long, dark natural lashes, but thankfully, we're skilled in helping you achieve the look!
We love extensions that beautifully enhance a woman's appearance, yet are gracefully applied in a way that looks natural. Our goal is a soft, feminine look that helps you feel more confident in yourself and your beauty. 

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